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Polish Vodka Day

The date of 13 January is an important one for Polish Vodka, joining French cognac and Scottish whisky on the list of Protected Geographical Indications. According to a survey conducted by the Polish Vodka Foundation, only one in three Poles know that Poland is the cradle of this drink*. The Polish Vodka Museum, which opens in several short months at the Koneser Praga Center in the Praga-Północ district of Warsaw, is intended to help us grow our national pride.

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    The Museum to attract British tourists

    The UK’s favourite spirit set to be honoured with the opening of the first Polish Vodka Museum in Warsaw.
    As the original home of vodka, Poland’s new Vodka Museum will open its doors to visitors in June 2018.

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      Closer and closer…

      The construction of the museum of Polish Vodka is coming to an end. Even though the building still requires some finishing touches and the interiors need to be decorated, there is no harm in taking a backstage peek at the Polish Vodka Museum to see what awaits future visitors in this unique place.

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        The visual side of the museum

        While visiting the Polish Vodka Museum, you will quickly notice that no detail is coincidental. But for now, read more about what inspired the visual side of the Polish Vodka Museum.

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          Get to know the Museum inside and out…

          The Koneser Praga Centre will soon become one of the key places on the cultural and business map of Warsaw. In June 2018, the first and only museum dedicated to Polish Vodka will open there, becoming a must-see attraction for all vodka enthusiasts. Are you interested in learning more about the idea behind the creation of this one-of-a-kind institution? Check out our videos!

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