Strona z ograniczeniem wiekowym

Strona zawiera materiały reklamowe dotyczące napojów alkoholowych przeznaczone wyłącznie dla osób pełnoletnich.

The website contains advertising materials regarding alcoholic beverages intended only for adults.

Zaplanuj wizytę

We would like to invite all museums and galleries in Poland to join us in our #museum4sure initiative.

Our goal is to let the Guests know that They can feel safe and secure in our facilities – They can be SURE that our institutions have taken extra steps to implement all the necessary safety and security procussions.



All You need to do is place the information about safety and security procussions deployed by Your institution in a dedicated toolbar with the initiative’s logo on Your website. Remember to emphasise especially all the information regarding sanitary regime.



We plan to reach the media, cooperate with local and regional tourism organisations,

associations, and through PR actions directed towards press.

Do not hesitate! Join us today in an effort to promote safety and polish museum’s teams!


If You want more information about the initiative feel free to contact us :