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About Us

The Polish Vodka Museum is the only such place in the world. It is located in the historical building of the rectification plant in the area of the Centrum Praskie Koneser. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the complex of neo-Gothic buildings forming the Warsaw vodka factory “Koneser” and it was built between Ząbkowska, Nieporecka, Białostocka and Markowska streets. The flagship brands of Polish vodkas, such as Luksusowa and Wyborowa, were spread here.

The Polish Vodka is a very important element of Polish culture, which for centuries has been accompanied by Poles during the important moments celebration. It is also one of the inherent, world-wide known, attributes of Polish.

The purpose of Polish Vodka Museum creation is to present the history, tradition and place of Polish vodka in today’s world. It is also a care to emphasize the importance of the distillery industry to maintain its distinctive character, the production method and therefore the quality of the product itself. It is also building a wide awareness of the values and significance of the Polish brand among local and foreign audiences. 

When we realize the importance of the subject, comparing similar places on a global scale, we employed the best. The author of the permanent exhibition is the architect’s studio Nizio Design International, and the logotype and visual identification were prepared by the artist-plastic – Andrzej Pagowski. 

We are constantly changing in response to our guests’ needs. The accessibility of the interiors and the contents of the exhibition is a priority for us. You can discover Polish Vodka history in 7 languages, guided or on your own.

In addition, the Guides are specially trained for disabled guests and all rooms are equipped with facilities for disabled guests. 

the patronage of the Museum is Polish Vodka Association.

Our mission and vision

Polish Vodka is not only our national heritage, but it is also an essential attribute of ‘Polishness’ recognised all across the world. It also a crucial element of Polish culture, which has been served on Polish tables during celebrations for centuries. The goal of the Polish Vodka Museum was to create a space where we could present vodka’s unique history. We are going to use appealing and modern means to familiarise the visitors with the process of vodka production, raw materials used for its production as well as its different flavours.

Once the visitors enter the museum, they will find interactive exhibitions, presentations and screenings, which tell the history of vodka production throughout the ages, as well as information and fun facts about the impact of vodka on shaping Polish culture and about its international career.

Our mission goes beyond spreading knowledge, though. After an informative tour of the museum, the visitors will have the opportunity to taste Polish Vodkas in a special food and services area.

The museum is sponsored by the Polish Vodka Association. The permanent exhibition was created by the Nizio Design International architectural design studio and the visual identification of the museum was created by graphic designer Andrzej Pągowski.

The building

The Polish Vodka Museum is housed in a historic distillation and rectification plant within the premises of the Koneser Praga Centre. The location was not chosen at random. This is where the Warsaw Vodka Factory “Koneser” used to operate, a building complex in neo-Gothic style taking up 50 thousand square meters between Ząbkowska, Nieporęcka, Białostocka and Markowska Street. This is where the flagship brands of Polish vodkas – Luksusowa and Wyborowa – used to be made.

Currently, the premises belonging to “Koneser” Vodka Factory are being successfully restored and will soon become an important place on the cultural and business map of Warsaw. It will soon become the showcase of contemporary Warsaw, where the authentic 600-year-old history of Polish Vodka meets modernity and novelty.

The exhibitions

The main exhibition of the museum is located in a historic building in the former rectification plant, which is where vodka used to gain its unique and pure flavour. Visitors will discover the local tradition of vodka production and will learn about Polish Vodka’s international career.

Visitors can see a virtual laboratory of a medieval alchemist. They can experience the comforts of living in a manor house and see an actual distillery. They can learn about the role vodka has played in politics, as well as get to know bartenders’ tricks of the trade.

At the end of the tour of the museum, visitors can buy souvenirs, including the best Polish vodkas. All those who enjoy vodka tasting can do so in a stylish restaurant. The visitors, newly-equipped with knowledge and skills related to vodka, will surely appreciate the qualities of genuine Polish Vodka.

Polish vodka foundation

The Polish Vodka Foundation

The Polish Foundation was established by AGROS HOLDING S.A. by a notarial act drawn up on 20 and 10/2015. Rep.A No 15337, and entered in the Register of Associations, Other Social and Professional Organizations, Foundations and Public Health Establishments as well as the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XII Economic Department of the National Court Register under number KRS 0000593987.

The aim of the Foundation is educational and cultural activities, of which the management of the Polish vodka Museum is a fundamental objective. In addition, the activities of the Foundation are the promotion of the tradition and culture of the Polish alcohol industry, and in particular the tradition and culture of responsible alcohol consumption; and the protection and promotion of the protected geographical indication Polska Wódka/Polish Vodka.

If you would like to know more about Foundation as well as the Polisch Vodka Museum please use the contact bookmark.