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Plan your visit

“And then came May …”, and with it a whole series of attractions at the Polish Vodka Museum and the Praga Koneser Centre! See what is waiting for you this month!

Picnic at the Museum of Polish Vodka
Looking for an idea for a special picnic? Visit the Polish Vodka Museum! We are open both on May 2 and May 3.

Museum Night 2019
Visit the Polish Vodka Museum at May 18 from 20:00 to 01:00. On the spot you will not only have to wait for unique attractions, but also sweet surprises from E.Wedel. The bar cocktail bar will also work on this day in special late hours.

Mother’s Day – “Mother is just one”
Make your mother a unique gift and visit the Polish Vodka Museum together, and you will pay only for your ticket! You can also find special themed cocktails at the ¾ bar on May 26.

Cinema Polish Vodka Museum.
Direct your May fridays with the Polish Vodka Museum and take advantage of discounts at the ¾ cocktail bar! Have a special session and check out our May repertoire.

“Amazing Szmulowizna”
Take a step towards getting to know Prague and on May 11 at 3:00 pm go for a walk with Praska Ferajna. We start from 53 Kawęczyńska Street!

“Ząbkowska to Praga Monopol vel Koneser”
It’s just a treat for fans of outdoor walks! On May 25, go with Praska Ferajna for a walk “Ząbkowska to Praga Monopol vel Koneser” and discover the unknown nooks and crannies of Prague. We set off from Targowa 62 street.