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Plan your visit

Pandemic times are not easy – restricting the exit from home not only to work, but also to places of culture.

Online working is not new, but visiting places such as ours, where personal contact with a guide or bartender seems to be irreplaceable, is a novelty.


However, what we think is impossible, we create as possible.

We have prepared for you an hour adventure with Polish Vodka. Professionally, with enthusiasm and involvement about Polish Vodka, its 500-years history, the story of distilling and alcohol production in Poland, several hundred exhibits gathered in one of our amazing galleries or about the traditions and customs around the Polish table, two our Museum guides tell. You will also learn about the history of the place – Warsaw Koneser Square, once the Warsaw Vodka Factory “Koneser” – wherever is our place.


We surprise you even more with virtual tasting!

The bartenders from our Bar at the Vodka Academy talk about the differences between selected types of Polish Vodka, proper serving and responsible drinking. This is a very telegraphic description, because there is much more information and curiosities.

Before the virtual tour, we invite you to a movie. Be sure to watch and let yourself be invited for a further virtual journey!


We invite you individually and in groups!

Questions about availability should be sent to