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  • 07.06.19 THE LUNCHBOX 20:45

Living in India is like Indian food – rich in aromas, flavors and colors. When, due to a culinary mistake, the fate of two strangers, people unexpectedly entangle, love will turn out to be the best spice for them.

Ila, still a young and beautiful housewife, decides to add some color to her colorless marriage – according to the maxim “through the stomach to the heart”. The woman hopes that the new dish, whose taste has led to perfection, will speed up the heartbeat of her eternally absent husband. A special consignment with food, sent to him to the office, by mistake goes into the hands of another man. Suspecting that a stranger would eat her meals, the next day Ila put not only dinner but also a note into the parcel. In the evening he gets an answer from a stranger…

This is how a story of two people begins, full of subtle emotions, wanting to give life a bit of flavor.

After the screening, we invite viewers to the ¾ bar for refreshments from Bombay Masala!



  • 14.06.19 JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI 20:45

85-year-old Jiro Ono is the owner of the smallest restaurant in the world, which received three stars in the prestigious Michelin ranking. It’s a legendary place in the heart of Tokyo, where only sushi is served. For the highest quality astronomical prices are paid here, and yet you have to wait for weeks to book your table. But Jiro Ono has dedicated his restaurant and searching for the perfect taste all his life.

“Jiro is dreaming about sushi” with the music of Philip Glass (“Hours”, “Koyaanisqatsi”) is a story about Japanese tradition and the search for perfection. It is a multifaceted portrait of an extraordinary man and passion that has become a way of life.

After the screening, we invite viewers to a birthday cocktail and refreshments from Susharnia!



  • 21.06.19 THE COMMUNE 20:45

Anna (Trine Dyrholm) has enough bourgeois life. He persuades her husband to experiment: a break with the boring, settled life and conservatism of the era. Together, they decide to create a hippie commune in a large villa, which unexpectedly fell in decline.

Together with Anna and her family, we are invited to live in a community whose members together wake up and fall asleep, cook together, eat and entrust themselves with secrets. However, the friendship, love and tolerance of the group living under one roof is put to the test when Anna’s husband confides in her plans. He would like to be joined by a much younger girl in whom he fell in love.

“The Commune” is the latest film by Thomas Vinterberg, the most important – alongside Lars von Trier – Danish director, creator of “Festen”, “Away from the hustle and bustle” and Oscar-nominated “Hunting”. The main role was performed by Trine Dryholm, the biggest star of Danish cinema, awarded for the best female role at the last Berlin festival, known for her memorable roles in the films of Susanne Bier (“Wedding in Sorrento”, “In a Better World”).



  • 28.06.19 THE OTHER SIDE OF HOPE 20:45

Awarded at the last Berlin festival, a black comedy directed by the cult Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki (“Leningrad Cowboys”, “A Man Without a Past”). A masterful film in which he can see (and laugh at himself) contemporary Europe.

After the success of the “Man of Le Havre” made in France, full of references to the cinema of the 1930s and 1940s, the Finnish master decided to return to his homeland. In the award-winning Berlinale “On the other side” he told the story of a citizen of Helsinki, who decides to change his life and open a restaurant. One day Wikström accidentally comes across a refugee from Syria – Khaled. Although the familiarity between men begins unfortunate, the heroes quickly establish a deep bond that will be exposed to many difficult tests. Was it only in the fairy tale that their unexpected meeting would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

In the latest film Kaurismäki, he does not remain deaf to the echoes of the world’s rising wave of xenophobia and nationalism (in one of the scenes Khaled talks about how he was beaten by skinheads in Gdansk on his way to Finland). However, the Finnish director is able to break through the layer of sadness to offer viewers a portion of uneasy optimism and a contagious sense of humor.


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Introduction to the cinema Polish Vodka Museum exclusively for adults.


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