The construction of the museum of Polish Vodka is coming to an end. Even though the building still requires some finishing touches and the interiors need to be decorated, there is no harm in taking a backstage peek at the Polish Vodka Museum to see what awaits future visitors in this unique place.

The Museum will be located in the former rectification plant in the Koneser Praga Centre on Koneser Square in Warsaw. The opening is scheduled for June 2018. It is by no means a coincidence that the Polish Vodka Museum will be located in the Koneser Praga Centre. This is precisely where the top Polish vodka brands were produced for over a century. The building is currently being revitalised according to the design created by Nizio Design International. A team of architects, visual artists and museum professionals are working on such an arrangement of the building space which would turn it into not only a modern museum filled with multimedia exhibits, but also a place where the visitors can enjoy themselves in their free time.

The exhibition part will include many authentic objects, such as reconstructed components of cast-iron stoves. Moreover, the visitors will literally be able to touch history and the tradition of Polish alcohol distillation thanks to state-of-the-art technology. This is only one of the many activities that visitors can experience.

“The Polish Vodka Museum is dedicated not only to the history of this national beverage. Above all, it is a place for educating people about disciplines such as architecture, design, visual and culinary art. Polish Vodka, as part of our cultural heritage, opens up the possibility to exploring a wide range of topics. Our goal is to present them to contemporary visitors in the most appealing way possible.” – said Mirosław Nizio, the co-owner of the architectural design studio Nizio Design International.

The visitors of the Polish Vodka Museum will also have a special food and services area at their disposal, consisting of a bar, bistro and restaurant serving and selling the best brands of Polish Vodka.

You can learn more about the construction of the museum from the video and photographs below.


“Backstage at the Polish Vodka Museum” video:


A slideshow of the construction site:

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