While visiting the Polish Vodka Museum, you will quickly notice that no detail is coincidental. But for now, read more about what inspired the visual side of the Polish Vodka Museum.

Logo, images and colour scheme

The Polish Vodka Museum logo was created by one of the most established Polish graphic designers, the creative director of KreacjaPro – Andrzej Pągowski. He is a member of the world-renowned Polish School of Poster Art. The inspiration for the logo was brilliantly simple – the logo is made up of the letters M and W, which are designed to allude to the shape of a shot glass. The colour scheme of the logo is also well-thought-out – the light blue colour of the letters refers to the relaxed atmosphere and amiable mood evoked by good company.


Here is Andrzej Pągowski describing the creative process behind the development of this key element of the museum’s visual identification:

In order to give it a unique and truly Polish character, the imagery alludes, among others, to the style of the Polish School of Poster Art. The background texture used in all printed materials and on the website is meant to resemble handmade paper, used in the creation of paintings and posters of the Polish School of Poster Art. All the visual creations follow the same, well-thought-out colour scheme made up of four colours – light blue with touches of red, yellow and navy blue. The design of the visual side of the museum is supposed to evoke the sense of approachability and amicable atmosphere of this unique institution.


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