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Night Tour

An unique date? Business party? Or maybe an original start for a bachelor party? Explore Polish Vodka Museum after hours – on a private event.

Duration: 40 – 90 minutes

Price: 120 PLN

Professional tour guide will take you and your guests on a journey through an interactive exhibition at Polish Vodka Museum. You will walk through over 500 years of history and tradition connected to our national beverage and learn what made Polish Vodka famous worldwide.  

The tour will take you through the magical cinema, five interactive galleries, and Vodka Academy Bar where professional bartenders will share secrets of their craft. You will learn ins and outs of alcohol tasting and experience the taste of three different Polish Vodkas.

Night Tour at Polish Vodka Museum requires a reservation through rezerwacja@pvm.pl  not later than seven days before the event.

It is possible to choose language of the tour (Polish, English, French, German, Russian, Italian or Spanish) and the duration time – 45 up to 90 minutes. Night Tours start after the last regular tour of the day according to the Museum’s schedule.*

Our offer is for over 18’s only.

*More details available in Museum Regulations

Price 120 PLN (no discounts)